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Authorization service handover talk

A handover talk about a new internal authorization-related service.

This talk goes over the why, when, what and how of a new internal authorization service that we have built at Akvo.

It also contains some bits and pieces that I found interesting about the implementation: event sourcing, bad data, Postgres ltree, SpecMonstah, more bad data, dark launches, testing DSL, DB parallel tests, … Did I mention bad data already?

As all the code is open sourced, I though that may find it useful as a real world examples of the above.

For a little bit of context, in the talk we mention:

  1. “Flow”: this is a Java/JS application for survey design and data collection. Runs on Google App Engine, which uses Google Datastore. The “legacy” app.
  2. “Unilog”: long story short a log implementation of top of Postgres. And “old” Clojure app.
  3. “Lumen”: this is a Clojure/JS application to analyze and visualize data. Runs on Kubernetes + Postgres. The “new” kid.

We are in the process of merging Lumen and Flow together. Maybe one of these years ….

You can find the slides here and a table of content after the video that allows to jump to any of the bits that you may find interesting.

This is not a conference talk, do not expect it to be as polished. In fact I say “cool” like two hundred times.

Cool! Let’s get started!

Let me know if you find it useful, if it is too specific or not specific enough.

Did you enjoy it? or share!

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