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How to convince your company to use Clojure

The definitive video that will convert anybody to Clojure

You have found Clojure and fall in love with it.

As any good Clojurian, you eagerly to try convert your colleagues, by showing them the power of immutability, the REPL, macros, core.async, protocols, multi-methods, …

But they seem to be blind.

You have also tried to appeal to their aesthetic sense, the beauty of simplicity or just their good heart.

But none of that works.

Desperate, you have invoked Rich Hickey’s name three times, and shout “Complected! Complected! Complected!” every time your teammate creates a new class.

But still no luck.

But don’t give up, here is the definitive video that will convert any sceptic to Clojure:

The video should be watched in repeat mode for 48 uninterrupted hours.

Happy Clojuring!

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